My name is Emma Love Arbogast. I live in Oregon, on the West coast of the USA.

This site is a place for me to post updates, research notes, content I find interesting, and other random bits of my intellectual life. I have a more formal blog about self-healing over at joyninja.com.

I wrote at this domain a long time ago but I rebooted it in January 2022 to a blank slate. I want this to be a place for all the bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere else, so I can keep in the creative flow of writing without worrying about being topical orĀ producing content. I’m just going to share what I’m thinking about and finding interesting.

This is also an experiment in thinking more transparently as someone who holds a number of conflicting positions, or at least positions that may seem to conflict to people who treat their beliefs like they are membership cards to teams or tribes. I am an ideator: someone who loves ideas. I love learning, sharing, exploring, and discussing them, and as such I cycle through ideas and try to hold them lightly.

I am a person who:

  • loves science and also studies spirituality and manifesting
  • wants to be wealthy and also has serious critiques of capitalism
  • sees clearly how terribly human beings can behave and also believes we should abolish prison and instead invest heavily in reducing inequality, and understanding the behavioral science behind violence
  • recognizes the devastating impact of oppressive systems of power and privilege, and also believes in the absolute power of the human will to manifest change in one’s personal life

I have a fair amount of “bullied at school for being a weirdo nerd” trauma. Also, as an ENFP, I cycle through many interests, hobbies, obsessions, and go down many rabbit holes which makes me interesting at parties, but I struggle to have a consistent blog “theme” or fit into a world of specializers. But I don’t want that to hold me back anymore, so this site is part of my healing journey in owning all of my intellectual self.

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