AI Tools

Multi-use / Mashup tools

Fredo is a tool you can add to WhatsApp and lets you use Midjourney for free, among other things.

Goblin Tools is a brilliant interface to ChatGPT that lets you break down tasks into smaller chunks and estimate how much time it will take, check the tone of a piece of text, translate a braindump into a list of tasks, and more.

Text generation

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is free to use, and the GPT-4 upgrade is worth it if you use it daily.

I love HeyPi, which is tuned to conversation and reflective listening.

I’ve also turned on Generative AI within Google searches, which you can do in Google Labs.

Image generation

Midjourney is the best, but you only get 25 images for free, and sometimes not even that as their servers are often maxed. It runs through Discord, which is a bit of a pain, but it is much easier if you pay for the $10/mo tier and add it to your own Discord server, which is free to make. See Fredo above for a free option. also has a credit system where you can claim 24 free credits per day (limit 50 total). Their system lets you choose different models to use to generate your images. gives you 150 free credits per day and offers a variety of models. I got my invite after a few weeks.

I also think Bing’s image generator is fairly good and it’s also free but you get limited credits for faster generation. It is powered by Dall-E. The credits regenerate over time.

Blue Willow is another model running through Discord that’s just OK, but it’s free, with unlimited generation. It’s even free to add it to your own Discord server, which I highly recommend as you don’t have to scroll through everyone else’s stuff to find your images. They use a variety of models and their “supermodel picks the best model to run based on the user prompt.” offers 100 free image generations per month.

Adobe Firefly is open and seems to be free for now.

My Fav AI Youtubers

Matt Wolfe – AI tool reviews and overall news – he also has an AI news page on his site

AI Explained – in depth technical details around AI news

Robert Miles – AI safety

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