Updated April 13, 2024. See also past.

April 2024

Launched a new blog Joy Is My Path.


Started making TikToks.

March 2024

Obsessed with astrology again. Taking Karen Hawkwood’s Paradox School and Ari Moshe Wolfe’s Complete EA Training.

December 2023

Still in chillax mode. Took a watercolor class locally. Reading fiction for the first time in many years. Revisiting my love of dolls and working on some sewing projects. House sale was finalized right before the end of the year.

November 2023

I’m settling into my condo in Portland and selling my Salem house. I’m enjoying the little free libraries around my neighborhood, getting back into crochet, reading, and chillaxing.

October 2023

I’m moving back to Portland! Woooot!!


My spiritual path is eclectic, but it’s always part of my life. I write about healing on and my ongoing process at

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