Updated October 14, 2023. See also past.

December 2023

Still in chillax mode. Took a watercolor class locally. Reading fiction for the first time in many years. Revisiting my love of dolls and working on some sewing projects.

November 2023

I’m settling into my condo in Portland and selling my Salem house. I’m enjoying the little free libraries around my neighborhood, getting back into crochet, reading, and chillaxing.

October 2023

I’m moving back to Portland! Woooot!!

September 2023

Realized I am autistic as well as non-binary.

August 2023

Whelp. I guess I do have ADHD after all. Also I made an Instagram for messing around with Midjourney.

Launched ADHD Liberation.

Joined Puttyverse again.

Bunch of app reorg this month..switched my journaling from 750words to Day One, moved writing drafts to UpNote and got back into Obsidian for storing my comments and other reference stuff. Tried to like Capacities and Tana but I just don’t.

July 2023

I started a Substack newsletter, Sparkly Dark. I’m also finding it fun to write about How I Use AI.

June 2023

Continuing my Authentic Relating, Circling, and T-group practice. In addition to TCI, I’m doing some events through ARTland.

May 2023

I’m working on creating an online community, Self-liberation Society. As part of fleshing out my skills to lead that, I’m joining the The Connection Institute‘s  membership program.

April 2023

I fell down the AI rabbit hole. I’ve never seen a more clear example of “the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet”. I started collecting a list of my favorite AI tools.

February 2023

I found the most profound explanation of the nature of reality in the book A Walk in the Physical, (read for free on Google Books) from someone with very clear pre-birth memories. I love NDEs, but they are by nature quite subjective experiences, and his account offers more clarity than I’ve ever found on the purpose of our existence: to grow our soul through the challenge of choosing love in an environment that engenders fear.

January 2023

My divorce is finalized, and I’m starting a new chapter in my life.

Mostly so far that looks like writing more on and thinking about starting an online community for nerdy folks like me who are into personal growth from a trauma-informed perspective.


My spiritual path is eclectic, but it’s always part of my life.

I’m always working on healing from CPTSD and fearful-avoidant attachment. More about that on

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