Updated April 10, 2022. See also past.

This month

In March-April, I’m doing the 4-week Quantum Creators course. I’m thinking a lot about the nature of manifesting and “turning thoughts into things”. I’ve studied Law of Attraction before but this is about getting more technical and specific and really clearing out limited beliefs around it and shifting my identity to being an unlimited creator.

In April, I’m doing the Guild Course (included in CGC). I’m skipping some days because 30 days in a row of anything is a lot.

Starting April 4, I’m doing the 30 day Unwind Your Mind email course.

This year

In 2022, I’m doing the A Course in Miracles workbook daily and studying the text as I feel inspired to. It’s all online here. I also like David Hoffmeister videos and some of Ken Wapnick’s material.

I’ve been a member of Conscious Growth Club since April 2021.


YouTube I consume regularly:

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