Kurzgesagt: We WILL Fix Climate Change!

This did make me feel hopeful, even if, “We’ve averted the apocalyptic doom scenario and are now just headed for super duper terrible!” is only good news in the technical sense. It does make a good point that climate defeatism is actually a pro-oil position.

PBS Terra: What is the Safest Place to Live as the Climate Changes?

Vermont, apparently, is where we should all be moving to, if you’re in the USA. Oregon is OK, but the wildfire risk (and the Cascadia earthquake, which is unrelated to climate but still a big risk) makes me periodically rethink my options. The video also points out how few people call themselves climate refugees yet, but it’s coming. 

Vlad Vexler: The Real Truth about Putin’s Mind

The exact kind of fascist Putin is. Vlad has a few other videos linked in the description about Putin that I found valuable (and terrifying) for understanding Putin’s psychology.

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