David Hoffmeister: Allowing Yourself to Be Awakened


One of my favorite ACIM teachers. From the video: “We need a willingness to heal our mind. We need to be willing to see where we say no to peace. In fact, we only need willingness.”

Willingness was one of the first principles I learned about spirituality 20 years ago.

Spirit is the ultimate non-violent force: it will only show you anything after you truly, in your heart, are open and willing to receive it. You must first trust enough to be willing to allow for the possibility of experiencing something beyond your ego-mind before anything can happen. That is the key to all spiritual experience.

And it’s not a ra-ra, excited, proclaim-it-to-the-world kind of willingness. It’s the 2am, in the quiet of the night, when nobody is watching, when it’s just you and the moon and the possibility that there’s something awe-inducing beyond your senses available to you, kind of willingness. It’s a surrender of the figuring-out, needing-to-know, trying-and-seeking ego mind. It’s a sincere letting go of what you think you know and making a genuine invitation to the unknown.

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