decluttering as inventory management (like in a game)

I’ve have had so much mental noise my whole life around what is the right amount of “stuff” I should have. As in, I felt guilty when my life was not a minimalist ideal. This naturally conflicts with elements of my personality, like the part of me that likes being prepared, and the part that likes to keep stuff for sentimental reasons.

I have played the game Runescape for decades now, and one of the main constraints is that you only get a limited amount of inventory and bank space. So “bank clearing” is an activity I engage in regularly. Granted, it’s much easier to sell and destroy stuff in a game than IRL, but still, it is a neutral frame that I really like. And my personality really comes through here, and I can see it without all the baggage of IRL stuff. My bank is usually about 90% full, and I have all the stuff I need fairly well organized. I also have a few sentimental things – items from quests that I don’t need anymore, but just like for some reason, like the Holy Table Napkin, which I find amusing.

So let’s file this under “self-acceptance”: I’m a person who likes to use the space I have to prepare for all my potential future adventures. And I’m a touch sentimental–and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s my stuff, I can do whatever the fuck I want with it.

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