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I am a big fan of YouTube for random learning, and I subscribe to a lot of educational channels. But sometimes I just stumble upon random pockets of fascinating information and whole communities devoted to a particular topic.

This rabbit hole started with cults, which are a perennial fascination for me.

I stumbled on a video about Heaven’s Gate by Fundie Fridays, which was very thorough and well-researched.

So then I watched a lot of her videos which cover topics like:

  • The various TLC shows about fundamentalist families like Plathville and the Duggars (19 and counting),  Sister Wives.
  • The “quiverfull” movement, which a lot of these fundamentalists subscribe to, which involves having as many children as possible to “raise an army for God”. Here’s a good video from a woman who was raised in it but who got out.
  • IBPL, a cultish organization that seems devoted to teaching fundamentalist Christians how to abuse their children (for God of course).
  • Conservative fundamentalist religious organizations like Focus on the Family, Jerry Falwell, the Moral Majority.
  • Other religious figures like Dave Ramsey, Tammy Faye, Kenneth Copeland, Mike Pence.
  • Shows like Duck Dynasty.
  • Cults and cultish leaders like Warren Jeffs, the Moonies, Gloriavale.

I also watched a few of Without a Crystal Ball‘s videos which are mostly celebrity gossip about the fundy TLC shows, but I did find her story of why she started her channel fascinating: How I Accidentally Joined a Cult.

The goal of a lot of this content is to raise awareness and critique fundamentalism and cults, but there are also a couple of other subgroups.

  • The FundieSnark community on Reddit who often make fun of or harass fundie families, or fight amongst themselves about how much it’s appropriate to do that.
  • People genuinely trying to leave cults and fundamentalist families (a process called “deconstruction”, like the Exvangelical subreddit. I’m really glad these kinds of spaces exist.




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