Lumenate – the “Psychedelic” App on Your Phone

I tried Lumenate last night and it was pretty cool. Nothing too mind-blowing happened, mostly just visual effects, but at one point I did feel a kind of internal emotional…something. It felt like a shift on a deep level, maybe unconscious. Hard to articulate.

I didn’t think that much of it, but then I had a lot of shifts last night, and this morning I woke up feeling really tremendous, just walking around feeling really happy but in a grounded way, not euphoric, just a feeling of being free. I’ve been doing a lot of other work lately too, so I can’t say it’s necessarily from this app, but it’s free to try so thought it was definitely worth sharing.

You basically hold the phone flashlight very close to your face with your eyes closed in a dark room, and listen with earphones as the lights flash. I laid down on my side and propped it up with a pillow so I wouldn’t have to hold it. I did the intro one and then another 10 minute “exploration” track. There are a couple free tracks, the rest require a subscription.

I found it through this Good Mythical Morning video Will This App Make Us Hallucinate? where they also try a couple similar devices.

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