Things I have done that are no longer current.



Realized I am autistic and ADHD.

Joined Puttyverse again.

July 2023

I started a Substack newsletter, Sparkly Dark. I’m also finding it fun to write about How I Use AI.

June 2023

Continuing my Authentic Relating, Circling, and T-group practice. In addition to TCI, I’m doing some events through ARTland.

May 2023

I’m working on creating an online community, Self-liberation Society. As part of fleshing out my skills to lead that, I’m joining the The Connection Institute‘s  membership program.

April 2023

I fell down the AI rabbit hole. I’ve never seen a more clear example of “the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet”. I started collecting a list of my favorite AI tools.

February 2023

I found the most profound explanation of the nature of reality in the book A Walk in the Physical, (read for free on Google Books) from someone with very clear pre-birth memories. I love NDEs, but they are by nature quite subjective experiences, and his account offers more clarity than I’ve ever found on the purpose of our existence: to grow our soul through the challenge of choosing love in an environment that engenders fear.

January 2023

My divorce is finalized, and I’m starting a new chapter in my life.

Mostly so far that looks like writing more on and thinking about starting an online community for nerdy folks like me who are into personal growth from a trauma-informed perspective.



Really went into an internal place and did not feel like sharing much, but I was active in the forums on Personal Development School. Mostly I was working through my attachment stuff and my trauma bonding, and working on getting divorced.


I am loving Linda Howe’s books on accessing the Akashic Records. Through my self-readings, I have gotten an immense amount of clarity on my spiritual path and a lot of practical advice about how to get past certain blocks.

I’m also loving the YouTube channels Religion for Breakfast (religious studies) and Tasting History (recreating historical meals).


I started an Instagram at @art.of.self.liberation where I make healing and growth related memes. I’m very excited about it!

Loving the new Apple TV+ series Prehistoric Planet – it’s incredibly realistic!


I did an intro workshop from NLP Marin. It was OK. “Transformational NLP” is more my speed than the manipulative type of NLP, but it’s more technical than I’m in the mood for right now.

I did the 4-week Quantum Creators course. I love Lo and Zo’s energy and it’s a lifetime signup, so you get to join in future QC2 every 6 months or so. It’s Law of Attraction adjacent, but more focus on clearing out limited beliefs around it and shifting your identity to being an unlimited creator.

In the first half of 2022, I did the A Course in Miracles workbook daily and studied the text as I felt inspired to. It’s all online here. I also like David Hoffmeister videos and some of Ken Wapnick’s material. Starting April 4, I got the 30 day Unwind Your Mind email course, but I didn’t engage with it very much. Email is not the best way for me to receive any course these days.

Binge-watched a lot of Good Mythical Morning.


Watched Vlad Vexler’s YouTube analysis of Putin, which is excellent.

MorganDrinksCoffee got me to buy some coffee that I probably didn’t need but thoroughly enjoyed!

Relaunched this site!

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