The problem with white tech bros saving the world

I went down the e/acc rabbit hole just a little ways and I’m already frustrated that people who nominally support decentralization cannot see that any movement that is mostly a bunch of rich white men in urban Western environments is NOT the revolution they think it is.

I also do not think we need to combine pseudo-spiritual ideas with what are fundamentally engineering problems. I keep the two separate in my brain for very good reasons. Spirituality is a rich facet of human experience, but it is VERY prone to delusion. The line between inspiration and imagination is perhaps nonexistent. We don’t know. And that’s fine. Spirituality can and should rest in mystery. Engineering and economics should rest in research and experimentation. Otherwise you just land squarely in the shadow of spirituality, which is delusional faith in your ideas based on how good they feel. And when you combine that with the blinders that privilege provides, it doesn’t lead anywhere good.

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