Which spiritual path should I follow?

Short answer: The one that works for you, that you can follow sincerely.

The question of “which path” is a little pointless, because Spirit will show up to help you or guide you or point you on a path in whatever way it can get through to you. So it doesn’t matter which “path” you follow, because they are all symbolic anyway. What matters is how sincere you are in following it. Whichever path inspires you to surrender and trust Spirit and keep choosing love over fear is the path to follow.

How do you know if you are actually following Spirit? 

Ego will also try to reach you any way it can. That includes through your spiritual ideas and ideals. But Spirit is the only thing that offers true help. Following Spirit always leads to healing and expansion (even if the path is sometimes convoluted), and following the ego never works out. The ego always keeps you in a state of seeking but not finding.

So if you find yourself in a wasteland, then you know that you are going down the wrong path, and you need to choose again. Recognize your error. Look inside yourself for the most sincere, humble part of you and let it lead you. Sense where the Light in your life is coming from, and point yourself in that direction. What you are looking for is the right direction to go in, not a solution to all your problems. The ego promises solutions that protect your fear but don’t work–Spirit shows a direction and the solutions are revealed over time as you walk forward in trust.

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