growth & healing

Hope is a fragile motivation

On doom, hope, and releasing expectations and control over the future.

decluttering as inventory management (like in a game)

Ditching my guilt and mental noise around not being a minimalist by using the frame of inventory in MMORPG games.

How the Brain Perceives Fear

We’re getting closer to understanding the biology and biochemistry underneath trauma reactions. Here’s another article in a similar vein about the role of neurotensin.

Heidi Priebe: ENFP vs ADHD: What Are The Key Differences?

Yes, I have 200 open tabs, and no, I don’t have ADHD. 

Lumenate – the “Psychedelic” App on Your Phone

Lumenate – the “Psychedelic” App on Your Phone

My experience with the Lumenate app, which promises a psychedelic-like trip just using light. Free to try.

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